The most direct way to enjoy a mango is to peel it and eat it like a peach, nibbling off every last bit of flesh connected to the pit. Beware, this method is messy because they are so juicy. So, you'll need plenty of napkins to sop up the juice that will run down your chin. (or better yet, a water hose to wash off with!)

I know two other methods that I'll share with you. The first one is my favorite. This brings back memories of a day that I picked up some hitchhikers out in the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii. We picked a couple of bags of mangos from trees by the side of the road, then went to a local water spigot so we were prepared to wash up after gorging ourselves on luscious, ripe mangos!! 


1 First, slice each side of the mango along the seed to give two halves. 
2 Then hold one portion of the mango with the peel side down. 
3 Score the fruit down to the peel in a tic-tac-toe fashion.
4 With both hands, bend the peel backwards. Cut the cubes along the peel to remove from the skin. 
5 Remove the remaining fruit on the seed by cutting along the seed. 

And another way to prepare a mango: 

1 Cut off both ends of the fruit. 
2 Place fruit on flat end and cut away
peel from top to bottom along
curvature of the fruit. 
3 Cut fruit into slices by carving
lengthwise along the pit.

No matter how you slice it, life is better if you eat more mangos!  Enjoy!

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